TE-TRADE GROUP Ltd. is based in Sofia and Haskovo, Republic of Bulgaria, and was first registered in 2007. It specialises in research, design, construction, installation, and repair work in the industrial, civil, and infrastructural spheres of construction. So far the company has been working on full-cycle projects, starting from phase zero and bringing them to completion, including interior furnishings, artistic and monumental design of the outdoor environment surrounding the building. To achieve all that, the company hires various specialised companies as subcontractors for the projects. Thus far the results of such joint efforts have proved to be quite successful and have led to high quality deliverables in numerous projects and optimal satisfaction of the customer.

Ever since it was first established, TE-TRADE GROUP Ltd. has been working hard to build a name for itself and today it is regarded as a loyal and competitive partner firmly adhering to the highest standards in residential and industrial development. Our customers choose to come to us because they know that TE-TRADE GROUP Ltd. will deliver a complete project of the highest quality and at a decent price.