Building retrofitting

TE-TRADE GROUP performs complete retrofitting of residential and public buildings. Place your confidence in a proven and effective method of revamping and enhancing the thermal efficiency of the existing facilities bringing them in line with all current thermal system requirements.

This involves a multifaceted development of various thermal insulation systems and covers all types of work on the facades and roofs of the buildings:

  • Replacement of window and door systems, and windowpanes
  • Renovation and thermal insulation of roofs
  • Façade thermal insulation systems
  • Façade finishes with plaster or cladding

TE-TRADE GROUP will coordinate with you its plan of action drafted on the basis of our professional recommendations. We will create a custom-made project specifically for you, consistent with your requirements and budget, in order to provide you with effective, high-quality and affordable retrofitting services. Let us help you decrease your heat losses and save money on your heating bills.