Interior design

TE-TRADE GROUP creates interior custom-made projects consistent with your preferences and needs, and transforms your property into a truly pleasant home or a comfortable office. We will ask a lot of questions the first time we meet with you, but do not worry – we will just be making sure that we discuss everything to the last detail, so that we can make your dream project come true.

Interior elements

1. Taking photos of the premises and calculating their floor area and dimensions.
2. Discussing the interior spaces and deciding on the furnishing elements, the functional and ergonomic layout of such elements throughout the premises, and discussing a general conceptual project for the interior spaces;

3. 3D visualization: photorealistic three-dimensional design of all premises until a final configuration of the spaces is achieved, which is then proposed for discussion.

4. Colours and materials: this includes a selection process to choose specific colours and materials consistent with the approved project; specification of the interior elements in each room; choice of flooring and arrangement design.

5. Preparation of projects for all furniture items: they are custom-made and designed in accordance with the specification of the required materials and mechanisms.

6. Drafting a project for the finishing construction work, such as positioning of the power outlets, suspended ceilings and other drywall elements.

7. Drafting a project for the lighting fixtures and specifications of the luminaires.

8. Consulting assistance in the selection of interior elements that need to be purchased (lighting fixtures, furniture items, etc.) at the commercial stores.

9. Supervising the implementation of the project: consultations with customers for the selection of a specific subcontractor /if none has been appointed so far/, description of the project to each of the subcontractors and setting tolerance ranges for the accuracy of performance of each of the areas, contractors consulting, and acceptance of the site by the subcontractor jointly with the customer.

You and we can make a great team, and we will do our best for you to get your dream interior design. Place your confidence in TE-TRADE GROUP and together we will uncover the potential of your home or office.