Construction management

TE-TRADE GROUP uses reliable professional practices for optimal transparency for the investor in connection with the implementation of a given project and its financial value. Thus the set of services required for the construction projects and programmes is strictly planned and all phases of its project and its implementation are easily traceable.

What makes construction management so important?

By overseeing each stage of the project, we guarantee that its goals will be accomplished, and that the quality, timeframes, and costs for completion will be consistent with the preliminary plans.

Our services ensure:

  • Optimal use of the available resources
  • Quality control
  • Drafting of and keeping up with the project schedules
  • Optimal utilization of the contractors’ abilities
  • Management of changes and delays under unforeseen circumstances
  • Enhanced effectiveness
  • Flexibility under different contracts and public procurement procedures
  • Cash flow management

TE-TRADE GROUP will be by your side at every stage of the project. Your success is guaranteed!